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Comparative tests compared to commercial products

For companies that intend to design and market new raw materials in the polymeric compound sector, such as:


polymers (PVC, polyolefins, polyamides, polyesters, etc.);


  • flame retardant inorganic fillers (magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, huntite / hydromagnesite, borates, etc.);

  • flame retardant and specific additives to reduce the production of smoke for polyolefins and PVC;

  • compatibilizing agents (polymers grafted with maleic anhydride, silanes, titanates / zirconates, etc.);

  • plasticizers, process aids (silicones, EVA waxes, etc ...);

  • stabilizers (for polyolefins and PVC) and antioxidants;

  • adhesives and adhesion promoters;


iPOOL provides technical information and comparative studies to evaluate the performance of raw materials and the possibility of marketing them in different countries around the world, following the most requested standards and regulations:


  • international (IEC) and European (BS, VDE, CEI);

  • the new REACH regulation and the new CPR (Construction Product Regulation);

  • Russia (GOST);

  • Middle East and India (BS, IS);

  • Australia / New Zealand (AS / NZS).

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