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Comparative tests and bench-marketing  

For companies going to design and to market new raw materials for compounding sector, such as:


  • Polymers (PVC, polyolefin, polyamides, polyesters, …);

  • Flame retardant inorganic fillers (magnesium hydroxide, aluminium hydroxide, Huntite/hydromagnesite, borates, …);

  • Flame retardant, smoke suppressant additives for polyolefins and PVC;

  • Coupling agents (maleic anhydride grafted polymers, silanes, titanate/zirconates, …)

  • Plasticizers, lubricants, processing aids (silicons, EVA wax, …)

  • Stabilizers (for polyolefins and PVC) and antioxidants

  • Adhesives and adhesion promoters


We provide technical information and comparative studies in order to evaluate performance of new raw materials and the possibility to be marketed in different countries worldwide, following the most requested regulations like:


  • International (IEC) and European (BS, VDE, CEI)

  • New European reulations REACH and the new CPR (Construction Product Regulation)

  • Russia (GOST)

  • Middle East and India (BS, IS)

  • Australia/New Zeland (AS/NZS)

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