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New products development  

The design of new specific products is possible thanks to our 20+ years experience in polymeric materials. Our team is composed by specialist staff with long experience about Halogen Free Flame Retardant materials (HFFR), non-toxic and without heavy metals.

The main applications for this kind of materials are wires and cables, pipes, syn TPO/PVC/bitumen roofing and most of the materials connected with buildings and electrical applications. During the last years, we have focused also on using wide range of materials coming from recycling tires and plastics: the production of performing infill used as synthetic grass in sports ground, the production of elastic carpet for sports facilities and the production of soundproofing materials, the use of wasted plastic pulper from paper industry to produce pallets or second life plastics, thermal insulating bitumen sheets, etc are some of the examples for the new applications of this kind of materials.

The preparation and characterization of the compounds is carried out by using our own instruments in addition to laboratory equipments available from our partners (R&D companies and academic centres).When it's necessary, we can use chemiometric approch to speed up R&D activity, reduce costs and to find always the most optimised solution for the specific project.

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