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“Noise Efficiently REduced by RecycleD pavEments”

iPOOL S.r.l. has collaborated in the development of the active control system of the positions of a PU probe for measuring the acoustic impedance of a floor mounted on a mobile laboratory. European project, in collaboration with the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Pisa, ARPA Toscana, BRRC, ECOPNEUS, IDASC-CNR and the Region of Tuscany.

15 1.jpg
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Specifically, IPOOL S.r.l. took care of:


  • Mounting on the vehicle of the stabilizer with adequate support structure

  • Housing of the sound absorption measurement system on the stabilizer

  • Anti-wind shield for the PV sensor

  • Realization of the power supply electronics of the PV sensor and of the acquisition system of the Pressure and Speed signals

  • Implementation of the software to trace the acoustic absorption curve from the acquired data with relative release of the software and schematic sourcesVerification of absorption curve correctness through normed measurements

15 3.png

Set-up of the measurement system for the absorption coefficient

15 4.jpg

Example of measurement on an asphalt sample

15 5.png

Example of measurement of energy absorbed by a sample

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