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For its activities, iPOOL S.r.l. has the following instrumentation:

4 Integrating class sound level meters

strum 1.png

3 units of 01dB Fusion model

strum 2.jpg

1 Larson davis model 831 unit


strum 6.png

Db4 card, calibrated in class 1

strum 7.jpg

National acquisition cards
up to 12 channels

strum 8.jpg

8-channel Apollo card


strum 4.jpg

Weather control unit


Mobile laboratory - CPX


3 control units for long-term noise measurements

collaudo e verifica 1.JPG

Adrienne system with 9 microphones


2 counts traffic

strum 9.jpg

Kundt tube with 2-3 microphones

Other Instrumentation:

  • SPB measurement system

  • Triangulation laser system for road weaving

  • Traffic counting and flow speed system based on video acquisition and machine-learning methods

  • System for measuring the variation of internal tire pressure

  • 8 Piezoelectric accelerometers for various applications

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