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The Team

Francesco Bianco: PhD student in Experimental Physics and Technician competent in environmental acoustics, expert in the use of Fem, Labview, Matlab, theoretical modeling, programming and data analysis. He has the passion to build instrumentation.

Antonino Moro: Civil Engineer transport specialisation, PhD in Road and Railway Infrastructure Engineering. Competent technician in acoustics. Expert in the topic of wheel / pavement interaction and measurement and analysis methods rolling noise.


Collaborate with iPOOL:


Luca Fredianelli: PhD in Applied Physics. Technician in charge of environmental acoustics with 9 years of experience in impact assessments and mapping of the noise produced by road, rail, airport, industrial traffic and noise produced by wind power plants, as well as in noise recovery plans, PCCA drafting and characterization flooring acoustics with the CPX method.


Lara Ginevra Del Pizzo: graduate in Physics, PhD student. Technician competent in environmental acoustics. Specialized in noise and vibration measurements from transport infrastructures and in statistical data analysis.

Fabio Brocchi: construction engineer, competent acoustic technician with 5 years of
experience. Expert in building and architectural acoustics, environmental acoustics and expert in the use of noise propagation calculation models.


Walter Giagoni: Civil Engineer, specialized in civil construction. Data analysis of noise.


Marco Bernardini: graduated in Physics. Specialized in noise measurements and statistical data analysis. Programming support and acoustic modeling.


Marco Nastasi: graduated in Physics. Noise data analysis and acoustic modeling support.


Stefano Carpita: graduate in Physics, technician competent in acoustics. Expert in the use of Data Mining and Machine Learning techniques.



Maria Giulia Brunacci: administration and reporting of LIFE projects.



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