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Development of innovative products

The design of new specific products is possible thanks to our more than twenty years of experience in the field of polymeric materials. Our team consists of specialists with long experience regarding halogen-free flame retardant materials (Halogen Free Flame Retardant materials, HFFR), non-toxic and without heavy metals.

The main applications for this type of materials are electrical wires and cables, pipes, TPO / PVC / bitumen roofing membranes and many of the materials with electrical and construction applications. In recent years we have also specialized in using a wide range of recycled polymeric materials: the production of performance infill used as synthetic grass in playgrounds, the production of trampolines for sports facilities and the production of insulating materials from the point of Acoustic view, the use of waste pulper from the paper industry for the production of pallets, the use of regenerated plastic, production of bituminous membranes for thermal insulation, etc. are just some of the examples of new applications for the types of materials we deal with.

The preparation and characterization of polymeric compounds are performed thanks to the use of our instruments and further laboratory equipment available from our partners (research and development laboratories of companies and research centers).
The ability to use chemometric tools where required allows us to optimize R&D activities, reduce costs and always find the best solution for each specific project.

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