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EuropeAid/131352/D/SER/TR: “Technical Assistance for Implementation Capacity for Environmental Noise Directive in Turkey”

IPOOL S.r.l. has contributed to the drafting of Acoustic Mapping and Action Plans for 12 cities in Turkey, also training personnel of governmental organizations in environmental noise management and implementation of Directive 49/2002 / EC. European project, in collaboration with Inerco.


This project is financed by

the European Union and the Republic of Turkey

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CITTA 4.png
CITTA 5.png

 Noise score ranges (left); hot spots in yellow and sensitive areas in blue (right) according PEL indicator, definito in Licitra, G., Ascari, E., & Fredianelli, L. (2017). Prioritizing process in action plans: A review of approaches. Current Pollution Reports, 3(2), 151-161.

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