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“Evaluation of Acoustic Comfort and Sound Energy Transmission in a Yacht”

Kanka, S., Fredianelli, L., Artuso, F., Fidecaro, F., Licitra, G.,

Energies, 16 (2), 808. 2023.

“Parameters Affecting Noise Emitted by Ships Moving in Port Areas”

M Nastasi, L Fredianelli, M Bernardini, L Teti, F Fidecaro, G Licitra

Sustainability 2020, 12(20), 8742

“Pass-by Characterization of Noise Emitted by Different Categories of Seagoing Ships in Ports”
L Fredianelli, M Nastasi, M Bernardini, F Fidecaro ; G Licitra
Sustainability, 12(5), 1740. 2020.

“Noise Assessment of Small Vessels for Action Planning in Canal Cities” 

Bernardini, M., Fredianelli, L., Fidecaro, F., Gagliardi, P., Nastasi, M., & Licitra,

G. Environments, 6(3), 31. 2019.

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