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IPOOL S.r.l. is able to provide urban planning support for the planning and government of the territory for the purposes of environmental protection according to the provisions of the European Directive 2002/49 / EC.

In particular:


  • Drafting of strategic acoustic maps of the territory pursuant to Legislative Decree 194/05 and more generally according to European legislation 2002/49 / EC, also through numerical modeling using SoundPlan 8.0 software;

Acoustic classification of urban areas according to the directives of the Framework Law on Acoustic Pollution n ° 447/95;

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Design of strategic noise mitigation measures and remediation of areas exposed to noise pollution: Rehabilitation plans pursuant to DM 11/29/2000, and Action plans pursuant to Legislative Decree 194/05.

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Acquired experiences of particular thickness:

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Acoustic mapping and Action Plans for 12 cities in Turkey in the European project EuropeAid / 131352 / D / SER / TR, in collaboration with Inerco.

Strategic acoustic mapping and action plan of the Livorno agglomeration.

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Strategic acoustic mapping of the agglomeration of Bolzano.

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Acoustic road mapping of the Municipality of Rome for the characterization of the exposure of the day and night population for epidemiological purposes for DEP-Lazio.

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Acoustic mapping of the port area of Livorno, in collaboration with the Physics Department of the University of Pisa

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Preliminary acoustic mapping of the port area of Cagliari

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