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IPOOL S.r.l. has technical skills and software to apply numerical modeling with finite element methods (FEM).

Examples of uses can be determining the main acoustic parameters that characterize the porous materials and the conglomerates used for road paving.

Or the FEM modeling of a loudspeaker in order to characterize the critical aspects in the acoustic impedance measurement through electrical impedance.












Image of a speaker section and its rotation along an axis. Bianco, F., Teti, L., Licitra, G., & Cerchiai, M. (2017). Loudspeaker FEM modeling: Characterization of critical aspects in acoustic impedance measure through electrical impedance. Applied Acoustics, 124, 20-29.

Acquired experiences of particular thickness:

  • Within the 2014-2020 ESF POR Vale: "Advanced Assessment and Smart Noise Monitoring for Road Pavements" Sustainability and Safty ", IPOOL Srl, in collaboration with the Department of Physics and Information Engineering Department of the University of Pisa , has developed a mobile laboratory capable of carrying out multiple measurements for the acoustic characterization of a pavement and geo-referencing the results.


FEM 1.png

Examples of FEM simulations of a spherical wave using a P-U probe

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